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February 7, 2015

Rules of  THE CAGE


  1. You get into the room, you have to try to get out.
  2. Don’t tell your friends about what you have seen in the room, so they can experience it themselves.
  3. Time is precious, you only have 60 minutes. Put the clues together and use your imagination.
  4. Look everywhere, even in the most unbelievable places and use all the clues you can find.
  5. No need to panic. Calmly try to solve the mystery. Nevertheless, in case you get a panic attack, you can press the panic button whenever you want.
  6. Working as a team is your basic weapon while fighting against time and mysteries.
  7. You get 6 helping tips which, if used properly, can guarantee sure success.
  8. Do not forget it is just a game. It may become tough at times, but it is still a game.
  9. Use your wits and your logic and the solution will be there, just in front of you.
  10. Have as much fun as you can!